A Russian teacher who came to the clinic was considered a malingerer and was denied treatment.

IN Surgut Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug (KhMAO – Yugra) A 23-year-old teacher who went to the clinic was considered a malingerer and was denied treatment. About it reported publication “Muksun.FM”.

The girl taught history and geography at one of the local schools. At the end of December 2023, a Russian woman went to the hospital feeling unwell. According to doctors, she did not need hospitalization. They claimed that the girl had contracted a seasonal acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI).

The teacher was even recommended to see a psychotherapist. The word “malingerer” was also heard in the speeches of the staff of the Surgut hospital.

After a relative of a 23-year-old teacher started a scandal, the girl was nevertheless sent to the infectious diseases department under drips. However, this did not bring a positive result. The girl began to have shortness of breath, she had difficulty speaking and could not stand. Doctors found out that the young teacher had heart problems. It was not possible to save her.

The girl’s sister blamed the doctors for the incident and turned to lawyers. The Surgut investigative department organized an inspection. Chairman TFR Alexander Bastrykin instructed to report to him on the results of the work done.

Previously reportedwhat in Moscow region Doctors removed uterine fibroids from a patient who neglected treatment. The tumor had grown to enormous sizes and weighed almost six kilograms at the time of removal.

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