A Russian schoolboy ran into his face with a running chainsaw

IN Nizhny Novgorod region A 14-year-old schoolboy ran into his face with a running chainsaw and survived. This was reported by the press service of the regional children’s clinical hospital on the social network. “In contact with”.

According to doctors, the accident occurred when the teenager was working in the local area, cutting down trees and branches. The injuries were so serious that the victim was placed in the intensive care unit.

“The child received an extensive wound to the nose, upper and lower lips, oral cavity, and multiple lacerations to the right forearm. After emergency stitching, the child was hospitalized at the National Children’s Clinical Hospital. He spent a day in the intensive care unit,” the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Clinical Hospital reported.

Only after 12 days of treatment was the teenager able to return to school.

Previously reportedwhat in Dagestan A 15-year-old boy suffered serious burns due to an Iranian gas furnace explosion.

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