A Russian military man spoke about the work of mobile teams on pickup trucks near Kupyansk

Mobile brigades of the 1st Guards Tank Army of the Western Military District (ZVO) in pickup trucks are actively working in the Kupyansk direction, a soldier of the Armed Forces told about this Russia (RF Armed Forces) with the call sign Kot, transmits RIA News.

He explained that light cross-country vehicles, armed with heavy machine guns, are used when attacking points of concentration of enemy personnel, so as not to show him large armored vehicles. The military can drive up close, fire ammunition, and quickly leave.

Kot indicated that the work is carried out at a distance of up to several kilometers from the enemy, depending on the terrain and objectives. The goals, according to him, may be different, these are the personnel of the Armed Forces Ukraine, high-capacity drones “Baba Yaga” and others. There are also night departures.

“It all depends on the situation, the work, you know, is hard, there are night trips, there are day trips, it’s always different, depending on what order comes,” the serviceman concluded.

Previously, Ukrainian military recognizedthat the Russian army continues to successfully advance in the Kupyansk direction. This was reported by The Washington Post.

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