A Russian man brutally beat a woman in an elevator and was caught on video

Inhabitant Novosibirsk brutally beat a woman in an elevator. Posted the video Telegram-channel “Incident Novosibirsk”.

The video begins with a Russian man persuading a woman sitting on the floor to get into the elevator. “Crawl in,” he says and takes his companion’s hand. After the doors close, he begins to scold the woman and grabs her by the neck.

Having knocked the Russian woman to the floor, he kicks her several times. After this, the man continues to beat her with his fists. “Are you awake? Recovered?” – he asks. Then the townsman draws attention to the camera installed in the elevator and leaves with the companion he beat. According to the channel, the couple was returning from visiting.

Earlier in Rostov-on-Don, a man stripped to the waist beat up wife in the elevator in front of the child.

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