A Russian complained about unsanitary conditions and maggots in a hotel room in Egypt

Russian tourist visited an Egyptian resort Hurghada and complained about poverty, unsanitary conditions and maggots in the hotel room. He shared his impressions of the holiday with the portal “Subtleties of Tourism”, his review was published on the platform “Zen”.

“Tickets to Egypt My family of three (me, my wife and child) bought it six months before the planned trip,” he said. “The choice fell on the four-star hotel Sphinx Aqua Park Beach Resort in Hurghada on the first coastline, which, according to the travel agency manager, “just recently was five-star.”

The Russian said that the trip for one person cost him 65 thousand rubles. According to the traveler, “the most interesting thing” awaited him in his hotel room. “A real shock awaited us here,” he added. — A couple of hours after moving in, we found live maggots along the baseboards! No, this is not a joke.”

The tourist wrote that he and his family decided to stay in the room. At the same time, he demanded that the hotel staff carry out a total cleaning of the room. “Upon returning, the room was literally licked clean, but the sediment, as they say, remained,” he noted.

The author of the publication was also outraged by the abundance of garbage at the popular beach resort. “Having walked literally a few hundred meters from the hotel, we found ourselves in some other world,” he explained. “We have never seen such dirt, such devastation, such amount of garbage on the streets anywhere.” Waste and waste products are lying right under our feet.”

Earlier in November became knownthat hotels in Egypt are going to reduce prices in foreign currency by 20 percent in January 2024 to attract Russian tourists. The vice-president of the Alliance of Travel Agencies warned Russians about this Russia (ATA), director of the Pink Elephant travel agency network Alexan Mkrtchyan.

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