A Russian amateur dentist deprived a patient of a healthy tooth

IN Ingushetia An illegal amateur dentist deprived a patient of a healthy tooth. Writes about this Telegram- Mash Gor channel.

According to the publication, a resident of the republic, Muslim Rasulov, did not finish his studies as a dentist, so he worked as a security guard, builder and taxi driver. However, two years ago he took advanced training courses and began seeing patients in his apartment.

As the channel writes, one of the “dentist’s” clients needed to remove a diseased tooth and put a crown in its place, but the illegal doctor mixed everything up and replaced it with a healthy one. As a result, the patient filed a police report against him. For negligence and working without a license, the Russian was sentenced to two years of suspended imprisonment.

Previously, a resident Cheats after an injection from a foreigner who called himself a doctor happened septic shock. The visitor, without permission, set up a medical center where he provided acupuncture services and also administered unknown drugs to clients, supposedly to relieve joint pain.

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