It will appear on the site of the restaurant “Combine”.

Restaurateur Alexander Sysoev informsthat the new establishment will have an unusual menu concept – it is built around the “evolution of taste” and takes you on a journey from primitive times to modern times. “In general, if you manage to implement everything, then the experience will be interesting – I always wanted to know what distant ancestors ate,” Sysoev writes in his Telegram channel.

Brand Chef Ilya Blagoveshchensky, who used to work at BIGGIE at the Ukraine Hotel, will be responsible for compiling this menu. But about the owners of Sapiens, Alexander only says that “there are two co-owners of Semper behind the chef’s back.”

The interior of the restaurant will also emphasize the “primitive” concept. Of course, no one will force guests to sit on the stones, but the hall will be richly decorated with vegetation (including ferns, one of the oldest higher plants), hanging even from the ceiling. They also promise to decorate the room with “mammoth bones”.