A rare phenomenon in the sky above the tundra was filmed in Russia

In the sky above Vorkuta We filmed a rare natural phenomenon – a solar halo. The video was published Telegram- channel vorkuta_live.

The footage shows an aura of light on the sides of the sun standing low above the horizon. The air temperature during filming was minus 27 degrees.

The nature of the halo effect is similar to the appearance of a rainbow. Glow is produced when light passes through water particles in the atmosphere. In winter, light is refracted in ice crystals. For the effect to occur, a combination of low temperature and high humidity is necessary. A halo can also appear in summer, in which case light is reflected in water vapor.

Previously unusual solar halo removed in the video are residents of the Yakut village of Tomtor. In the footage, one aura surrounds the sun, and the other is located above the populated area in the form of a ring.

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