A rare black stork caught in a camera trap in the Oka Nature Reserve

On July 28, a camera trap in the Oksky Nature Reserve recorded a black stork. This is a rare species nesting in the reserve, which is listed in the Red Book of the Ryazan region.

Unlike the white stork, which is accustomed to living next to people, its black relative prefers remote areas of the pine forest, alternating with swamps. It feeds mainly on fish and frogs, it can catch a lizard or a vole.

Nadezhda Pankovasenior researcher, candidate of biological sciences:

“When they opened another photo sent by a camera trap from the forest, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Near the boar’s comb was not a wild boar, elk or wolf, but a black stork!

In the photo, he opened his red beak, as if preparing to grab some kind of prey. The camera stands on a sandy mane. Nearby there is a swamp full of frogs, maybe one of them has wandered into a dry pine forest to its misfortune.

We are always glad to see this mysterious bird, because it is rare to see it. By the way, black storks do not like not only the neighborhood with a person, but also with their own kind. Unlike other storks, it does not nest in colonies. During the breeding season and wintering, it keeps singly or in pairs, and forms flocks of up to a hundred individuals only during migrations.