A playground was built in the Ermishinsky district

A new children’s playground and sports ground appeared in Tsarev, Ermishinsky district. It is located near the House of Culture. Now the kids can ride the new slides, swings, carousels; older guys – to engage in sports equipment for workout. Benches for rest were also installed here.

Head of the Savvatemsky rural settlement Sergey Ovchinnikov:

“We raised 300,000 from the local budget for the purchase of various equipment. The equipment was ordered in Taganrog. Residents of the village took part in its installation and improvement of the site. Many thanks to everyone who put aside their affairs and helped in such a necessary matter. We tried to meet the May 9 holiday, and we succeeded.”

Lyubov PatrikeyevaYoung mom:

“Children’s outdoor playground is the best way to direct the indefatigable energy of children in the right direction. So the children and we, the parents, are very happy. And in the evening, grandmothers will come out to sit on a bench.