In Nizhny Tagil, a 63-year-old pensioner believed phone scammers and lost more than two million rubles. This was reported in the press group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

First, an “investigator” from Yekaterinburg called the woman and said that an unknown person was trying to get a loan at a Moscow bank by her power of attorney. Then she received a call allegedly from an employee of the economic security department from Moscow, as the man called himself, and asked her not to tell her relatives about the conversation, because “the operation is secret.”

For several days they negotiated with the pensioner, the essence of which was that it was necessary to withdraw all the savings and send them to “safe” accounts.

“Carefully concealing her participation in the ‘catching of intruders’ from her relatives, the woman first transferred about 1.4 million rubles in two transactions, then withdrew almost 400 thousand more from another bank, and in the end she took out a loan for 300 thousand,” the police said.

As a result, the woman realized that she had become a victim of fraud and contacted the police. Investigators opened a criminal case. They are looking for attackers.

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