A new road was built in Plakhin, Zakharovsky district

A new road appeared in Plakhin, Zakharovsky district

400 meters from the center of the village to the grain market.

This object was also shown to Pavel Malkov, acting governor of the Ryazan region, during his recent visit to the Zakharovsky district.

We built a road under the state program for the integrated development of rural areas for the period 2020-2025. This state program includes the project “Development of transport infrastructure in rural areas”, which involves the development of roads leading to production facilities.

For work, the Plakhinsky settlement received 11,593,691 rubles from the federal and regional budgets. According to the contract, 117,109 rubles were allocated by the settlement itself, and Put Lenina paid 10 percent of the total. Now they are going to build another road – in Pupkino.

Alexander Ryumin, CEO of Put Lenina LLC:

“When we were offered to participate in the federal program for the development of rural areas, we did not refuse. And it turned out great! In total, we invested about three million rubles in this project. Everything else is from the budget. The fact is that this section of the road, which leads directly to the current, until recently was in very poor condition. Pits, potholes, ditches interfered even in normal weather, and even in the rains it was completely bad. Now the problem has been solved.”

According to Alexander Viktorovich, the benefit is double, it has become convenient for the residents of the street named after. Alexandrov, along which the road passes. In addition, electrical poles for lighting were installed on one side.

Olga Machtakova, rural librarian:

“We are very pleased with the new road, now it is easier to get home in any weather!”

Vyacheslav Fedyushin:

“Every day I go to work in Ryazan. Of course, now it will become more convenient, it seems that a small segment has been restored, and the whole village is more comfortable. You can easily get to farms and houses on Svistunov, Novaya, Ozerka streets. But I think it was necessary to make speed bumps here. After all, teachers and children go to school along this road, and we always had enough reckless drivers.