The new Bulgarian ship will provide normal navigation on the section of the Danube in the region of Bulgaria.

According to, the new Bulgarian ship will ensure normal navigation on the Danube section in the Bulgarian region.

The ship is named after the largest Bulgarian tributary of the Danube – Iskar.

The shunting vessel will be able to correct the bottom in critical sections of the river.

Iskar was built at the Gyurgevo shipyard with European funding. Its purpose is to ensure normal navigation on the Bulgarian section of the Danube.

Over the past 10 years, the Agency has renewed its fleet thanks to successfully implemented projects worth more than 45 million leva, raised through operational programs in the transport sector and through the Connecting Europe Facility program.

Thanks to European funding, the motor ship Danube 1, the hydrographic boat and the motor ship Osm, as well as the oldest ship of the IAPPD fleet, the motor ship Vit, are taking care of navigation on the Bulgarian section of the river.

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