Jimin is a member of the Kpop group bts and recently obtained a personal achievement in the company of the French brand Dior.

The singer already has a number of records and awards with the group, but right now BTS is on hiatus, as the oldest member, Jinis doing their mandatory military service and this year the other six members are expected to do so, for this reason the group will not be back until mid-2025.

While that date arrives, the members of BTS are focusing on their solo projects, such is the case of RM, who was the last artist of the group to release his solo album called «Indigo«For his part, Jimin was recently in the song of Taeyang of BIG BANG call “VIBE«, which has been a success on international Streaming platforms.

This collaboration is something that makes him very happy, since taehyang He is one of the artist’s idols and thanks to his fans this latest collaboration has been a complete success.

Right now, the idol is celebrating his collaboration with Dior, because on January 16 the renowned French brand made an official statement through the Instagram platform, presenting Jimin as the brand’s new global ambassador.

As brand ambassador, the singer will lend his image to the creations of the Artistic Director of Dior’s men’s collections.