A mother of three who became pregnant for the first time at the age of 15 complained about haters

A 21-year-old mother of three from USA spoke about five miscarriages and complained about haters. About it reports Daily Mirror.

Angie first became pregnant at age 15 with her boyfriend, Jordan, to whom she is now married. She was on birth control pills and the pregnancy came as a big surprise. Teenagers believed that they would really become parents only after the eighth positive test.

The American said that the first reaction of her family and friends to the imminent birth of her child was ambiguous. Many people said that she should not give birth so early. When the girl was 16 years old, she and Jordan got married. At 17, Angie gave birth to her second son. After that, she had five miscarriages in a row, but in 2022 she gave birth to a third child, and is now expecting a fourth.

Angie is thrilled to be the mother of a large family and “couldn’t imagine a better life,” but her detractors continue to harass her online. “They say that I am pathetic, and that my life is a reason for shame, not for pride. They want everything to be upset with us and this pressure continues constantly,” the young parent complained.

However, she is happy that she will become a mother again and said that a fourth child will make her family with Jordan truly complete.

Previously reportedwhat in Great Britain A mother of two who did not suspect she was pregnant suddenly gave birth to a boy. Toni Brown, 42, from Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, gave birth in the bathroom of her home.

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