Valentina Mikhnevich dreams of opening a mini camp and receiving tourists.


The rite of fumigation, master classes in cutting planed meat and weaving a belt are offered by Valentina Mikhnevich, a mother of many children from the Priuralsky district of Yamal, to visitors of two guest tents that she opened in Salekhard. The hostess plans to create a mini camp and receive tourists from all over the country.

During the tour, Valentina Mikhnevich and her relatives conduct a fumigation ceremony for guests, master classes in cutting planed meat and weaving a belt, which symbolizes all the shades of nature. In a cozy tent, women tell the legends of the indigenous peoples of the North and treat tourists with fish soup, wild plants, milk pickles, chaga tea, and sing national songs. In the future, the mother of many children, Valentina Mikhnevich, wants to create a real camp, albeit a small one: put up another building, get domestic deer, buy sleds and even more national clothes.

The woman was helped to create a colorful object of a tourist show by a social contract that she concluded with the social security authority. With the allocated 350 thousand rubles, the northerner purchased some of the poles, winter tires for warming the building, some items for interior decoration, and did a lot with her own hands – tablecloths, featherbeds, bedspreads and other items, the press center of the Yamal government reported.

Formerly online edition “Teacher’s newspaper” reportedthat in the Year of Knowledge a new excursion and educational route for schoolchildren will appear in Yamal.