A monument was unveiled in the Starozhilovsky village of Novosyolki

On Victory Day in the village of Novoselki, Starozhilovsky District, a monument was opened to fellow countrymen who did not return from the war.

The participants honored the memory of fellow countrymen with a minute of silence and laid wreaths and flowers at the monument. More than 40 Novoselkovites did not return from the front. The names of 37 of them are engraved on the obelisk.

“From childhood, I wanted to know how and where my grandfather Ivan Timofeevich Polyushkin died and was buried,” said the initiator of the installation of the monument, a local resident Sergei Polyushkin. – In the 2000s, I found information about him on the Internet. And in 2012, together with his sister Tatyana, we went to the Lviv region, to the village where he died. Ivan Timofeevich was buried in a mass grave.

I had the idea to perpetuate the memory of him and all his fellow villagers who died during the Great Patriotic War. Two years ago, my sister and I found sponsors. And now I am very glad that the memory of my fellow villagers will live forever.”

Deputy head of the district administration for urban economy and infrastructure Svetlana Petrukhina presented letters of thanks to Sergey Polyushkin and Tatyana Zhdanova. Svetlana Mikhailovna said:

“I want young people to love our Motherland, their history, always remember our ancestors who gave their lives for the Victory. Thanks to those caring people who perpetuated the memory of our heroes. The opening of the monument is a significant event.”

Then the young villagers read poems about the war. And a native of Novoselok, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War Raisa Ivanovna Silkina recalled:

“I was not even 17 years old when my sister Antonina and I were digging trenches and trenches. Then the German rushed to Moscow, and we worked hard. It was very difficult. In 1943, my sister and I were taken to the war. We have experienced a lot – these are endless forced marches, hunger and cold. We spent the night where we had to, we fell down from fatigue. Only 40 km remained to Berlin, but the war was over. I returned home only in August 1945, and my sister, due to illness, even later.

At the end of the holiday, the residents of Novoselok were photographed for memory. And the artists of the Voronovo House of Culture performed songs of the war years on their day.