A military parade was held in Rostov-on-Don to commemorate the 77th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. More than 2,500 soldiers of the Southern Military District passed on foot along Theater Square. The Victory Parade was attended by representatives of the military units of the Rostov-on-Don garrison, including personnel of the motorized rifle, tank and artillery regiments of the 150th motorized rifle division, special forces, communications, and electronic warfare. As well as the calculations of the regional Border Guard of the FSB of Russia, the Donskoy rescue center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the Cossack corps.

Traditionally, the foot formation was led by a company of drummers – cadets of the Belokalitvinsky named after Matvey Platov of the Cossack Cadet Corps. Also, about 50 units of military equipment passed through the square, including Katyushas, ​​Tornado-G and Iskander-M complexes. Together with veterans-front-line soldiers and residents of the Don capital, the governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev also watched the parade.

Immediately after the parade, the procession of the “Immortal Regiment” took place. Only in Rostov, according to estimates, about 95 thousand people took part in this festive event. The head of the region also joined the countrymen with a portrait of his grandfather Maxim Savelyevich Yurov.

  • This morning people are in a great mood, they are walking, smiling. Here, in the column of the Immortal Regiment, there is an absolutely amazing atmosphere. People rejoice, congratulate each other, wish peace over their heads. They are in the same regiment with their grandfathers and great-grandfathers. People think about the future and want it to be calm and peaceful. But at the same time, they assess the current situation and quite openly support both the President of the country and our Armed Forces. After all, the Don has always been a defender of the Fatherland,” the head of the region shared his impressions about the atmosphere in the Don column of the Immortal Regiment.

In total, over 200,000 people took part in the Immortal Regiment action in the cities and districts of the Rostov Region, the press service of the governor reports.

Photo donland.ru