Artyom, a serviceman from the Leningrad region, who was doing alternative civilian service under a contract, is not fired from service despite the fact that the young man has the fourth stage of cancer. About this mother Artem Natalya told “North of Realities”.

Essence. In 2020, Artem was supposed to do military service. The young man decided to choose an alternative civilian service. To pass it, he had to conclude a contract with one of the parts of the Leningrad region.

In 2021, the young man was diagnosed with stage 2 lymphoma, which had worsened to stage 4 by February 2022. After radiation and chemotherapy, Artyom began to improve and showed signs of remission.

In June 2022, the military medical commission assigned Artyom a fitness category of B, meaning he is partially fit for military service. They could not put him in category D (unfit), since the young man served under a contract. According to the rules, contractors with malignant tumors receive only category B.

But even with such a category of suitability, he should have been early dismissed from the service and enrolled in the reserve. On September 14, Artem’s contract term ended, but he was never formally fired.

Cause. The young man was not fired, since mobilization began on September 21. Documents on its completion were not published, therefore, active servicemen cannot quit the army, regardless of the circumstances, they explained to the young man in the unit.

“Twice Artem wrote letters of resignation. The first time he was verbally told that it was refused. The written response says that, according to Putin’s decree, “until the end of the special operation” with category B, no layoffs. Oncology does not play any role at all, ”said the young man’s mother.

What you need to know. October 28 Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu declaredthat the task of “partial mobilization” was completed in Russia. The authorities say that the mobilization is completed. However, the relevant documents were not published.

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