A military expert named the main advantage of the Russian Lancet drone

The main advantage of the Russian Lancet combat drone is that it can work in a group. This opinion was expressed in a conversation with by a captain of the first rank of the reserve, a military expert Vasily Dandykin. He also named the reasons why this drone became a big problem for the Ukrainian army.

This is a big headache for the Kyiv formations. At the very beginning, he showed his characteristics in the sense that it is difficult to intercept him. It purposefully goes to the target to which the operator is leading, and, as a rule, destroys it. These are usually armored infantry vehicles, sometimes they are tanks, some kind of strong points

Vasily Dandykin

military expert

“It is constantly being modernized. Since the special military operation (SVO) began, the third modernization is already underway. This is in terms of range, and in terms of power, in terms of weight characteristics, because it can do more [боеприпасов] take. Moreover, they can now work in a group, which is very important. There are followers, there is a leader who distributes targets and destroys them. This is a huge problem [для Украины]. It flies tens of kilometers and works. He already has hundreds of [единиц] destroyed enemy equipment, so this is a nightmare for them,” he explained.

How writes American publication Business Insider, Russian Lancet drones are turning into a huge threat to the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) on the battlefield. The material says that they have learned to bypass Ukrainian defenses. Additionally, warheads now detonate in mid-air before striking a target. This prevents the projectile from getting entangled in anti-drone networks, which prevent it from hitting targets properly.

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