A military expert announced a new Western approach to arms supplies to Ukraine

The West has changed its approach to the supply of ammunition and military equipment Ukrainesays military expert, director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces Yuri Knutov. In a conversation with, he said that there was talk about the depletion of weapons reserves among the allies Kyiv No. According to him, supplies are now required by other countries due to new wars.

Weapons began to be supplied to other regions

“The situation in the Middle East is difficult, we need to keep our weapons. The situation around Taiwan may unfold in an unknown way; weapons are also needed. There are reserves, these reserves are kept at a certain level in case of crisis situations in other places,” he explained.

The West has changed its approach to arms supplies to Ukraine

Yuri Knutov believes that Kyiv irrationally managed the supplied equipment and shells, so the West decided to change the system of military assistance.

In fact, in numbers this is a reduction, but in reality this is not a reduction at all, the supply structure is simply changing

Yuri Knutov

“If we talk about the supply of military equipment, Ukraine was quite wasteful in the supply of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), and self-propelled guns. This has limited the supply of equipment, and mainly spare parts, repair equipment, and repair kits are supplied. Thus, equipment that was disabled and could be repaired was repaired, and the Ukrainians fought with it again. Because at first the Ukrainians simply abandoned tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, saying that they would send more. Now it’s gone NATO completely changed the attitude, and this is associated with a reduction in the amounts allocated by the bloc,” he explained.

There will be no shortage of weapons in the European Union

The European Union will implement a program for the production of shells, because they are convinced that existing capacities are not enough, noted Yuri Knutov.

“Regardless of how the situation develops in Ukraine, the development of the ammunition industry will proceed in accordance with the data that NATO has outlined,” he concluded.

Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba statedthat the EU may not have time to deliver the promised million artillery shells by spring. According to him, European allies want to help Kyiv, but the obstacle was the deplorable state of the defense industry and warehouses, as well as bureaucracy and a large number of “unsynchronized things.”

November 13, head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell confirmedthat the EU will not have time to transfer a million ammunition to Kyiv by the end of 2023. He clarified that we are only talking about postponing the deadline.

How reported Bloomberg, the EU informed member states that it is unlikely to send the promised amount of artillery ammunition to Ukraine. This complicates Kyiv’s ability to keep up with Russian production, the material says.

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