A memorial plaque in honor of the honored teacher of the RSFSR, the founder of the first author’s school and an outstanding figure in public education, Joseph Aleksandrovich Drits, was installed on the wall of school No. I.A.Dritsa. The author of the composition was the Irkutsk sculptor Alexey Plotnikov

Photo: press service of the Administration of the city of Irkutsk

Press service of the regional administration notesthat in 2022 the educational institution was named after Joseph Drits, who from 1943 to 1976 was the permanent director. He began to lead the school during the most difficult war years. Despite all the difficulties, under the guidance of the honored teacher, the educational process continued. Teachers adequately brought up their students, remaining faithful to the profession. Drica was convinced that study is the same help to the front as work in factories. Thanks to the efforts of the honored teacher, a strong, strong and unique professional team of school No. 11 was formed, which to this day defends the name of its director and its status.

Graduates of past years came to the opening ceremony of the memorial to pay tribute to the memory of its famous director, who laid a solid foundation for the further development of Irkutsk education with his work. Among the guests of honor were the teacher’s daughter Sofya Belinskaya and his grandson, radio journalist Vadim Belinsky, as well as representatives of the regional administration represented by the mayor of the city Ruslan Bolotov and Deputy Chairman of the Duma of Irkutsk Sergei Yudin.

The mayor of the city noted that the opening of the memorial plaque named after I.A. Drits is a tribute to the entire pedagogical community. Such initiatives help to preserve history and designate a development vector for future generations.

Formerly online edition “Teacher’s newspaper” reported, one of the streets of Ulyanovsk will bear the name of the People’s Teacher Yuri Latyshev. In 2002, the honored teacher was awarded the badge of honor “For outstanding contribution to the education of the citizens of the new Russia.” The title of People’s Teacher was awarded to him in 2005 by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation.