A map of open and closed checkpoints on the border between Russia and Finland has been published publishes a map of open and closed checkpoints on the border Russia And Finland.

According to information as of November 21, the points “Raya-Jooseppi” (“Lotta”) and “Kuusamo” (“Suoperä”) continue to operate. Since November 18, the checkpoints “Niirala” (Vyartsilya), “Imatra” (Svetogorsk), “Nuyamaa” (Brusnichnoe), “Vaalimaa” (Torfyanovka) have been closed. They will not take effect until February 18, 2024. Three more points are closed for an indefinite period – Kelloselka (Salla), Vartius (Lyttä) and Parikkala (Syväoro).

Finland began blocking checkpoints on the border with Russia on February 18. Later, the country’s authorities announced their readiness to fully block borders on the land border with the Russian Federation due to the uncontrolled flow of refugees from Iraq, Syria And Somalia. It is expected that this will be done on the night of November 22.

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