A man who confessed to a terrorist attack 50 years ago was detained in Japan.

Tokyo police have detained a man who may be the terrorist Satoshi Kirishima, wanted for almost 50 years. This is reported by RIA News.

It is noted that Satoshi Kirishima was a member of the abolished radical leftist organization “Armed Anti-Japanese Front of East Asia”, which carried out an explosion in the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries building in 1974, as well as a number of other terrorist attacks in Japan.

Law enforcement agencies received a call from a hospital, whose employees reported that a cancer patient named Satoshi Kirishimo had been admitted to them. The man later confessed to the attack and gave details of how he planted a bomb in the office of the Korea Industrial and Economic Research Institute in Tokyo on April 19, 1975.

The man is currently detained. Investigators will conduct a DNA test to confirm his identity. It is clarified that the terrorists are still on the international wanted list, which means that the statute of limitations for Satoshi Kirishima’s crime is not considered expired.

Previously District Court Kyoto sentenced to the execution of Shinji Aoba, who set fire to the anime studio. The defense of the accused insisted on recognizing him as incompetent, but the court found him sane and decided to execute him, since the largest number of people suffered during the fire in several decades.

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