A man was refused a job because of his unattractive appearance.

Farmer from China I encountered difficulties in finding a job due to my unconventional appearance. About it writes The Tiger.

A farmer named Truong moved to the region Chongqingto get a job at one of the electronics factories known for good salaries and benefits. The man went to interviews at more than ten factories over ten days, but all potential employers refused to hire him. One search manager explained to Truong that he was not considered because he was “unattractive.”

“Working in an electronics factory requires good health and time. But what does this have to do with my face? I honestly don’t understand. Does the factory hire regular workers or models?” – Truong wrote on social networks after learning what exactly was the reason for the lack of hiring offers. Despite the disappointment, the Chinese said that he did not want to return to his native village and would continue to look for work. The man stressed that his angular face is not a crime and should not be an obstacle to hiring.

Truong’s story sparked public debate on social media. Many admitted that the man had a non-standard appearance, but agreed that this was not a reason to refuse the job. Some have suggested that the hiring managers’ decision may have something to do with feng shui principles. Some businesses in China are taking this Taoist practice into account.

Other users suspected that unattractiveness could become a formal reason for refusal. They advised Truong to analyze his interview responses, suggesting that the farmer simply might not have the necessary skills and qualifications.

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