A man accosted three women in 15 minutes and tried to strangle a fourth

Man from Singapore In 15 minutes he accosted four unknown women on the street, and he tried to strangle one of them. About it writes The Straits Times.

In January, 48-year-old Joseph Mark Merwin was put on trial over allegations of harassment. According to the victims’ testimony, on August 6, 2023, at 6:50 p.m., he molested an 18-year-old girl on the stairs of a shopping center. Just five minutes later, Mervyn turned his attention to a 44-year-old woman outside the same shopping center. Five minutes later, he attacked a woman standing at a pedestrian crossing, Mervin grabbed her by the neck and pulled her back. Having released her, he went down into the underground passage in search of the fourth victim and at 19:05 he began to harass a 28-year-old passerby.

For each case of harassment, Mervin faces up to three years in prison, a fine or caning. The sentence may also include a combination of these penalties.

Previously reportedwhat in India about 500 female university students accused the teacher of sexual harassment. According to the girls, he took them to the toilet, where he touched them inappropriately.

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