Moderator Daniela Psaovicov (43) drew all her weapons. It is not for nothing that the running water is ground. Although Ondej Gregor Brzobohatho’s new girlfriend (39) mon tv, with his ex-wife Tou Kuchaová (34), she doesn’t want to have anything in common, it still looks like she has decided to save her.

Krsn moderator Daniela Psaovicov she is handsome and distant, with whom everyone was surprised that she did not have a partner for me.

And by then, she hadn’t met enatho Ondeje Gregor Brzobohatho. The relationship with Miss World was about to fall apart Tanou Kuchaand that’s why he peeked into the popularity of Daniela, who definitely won’t fit in the crowd.

Even though it seemed that the DVTV presenter would not want to hang out between Tu and Ondra, who eventually divorced the model after six years, but he had, however, noticeable signs that the mother in indifference is not indifferent, there they are.

Find out by Instagram. Two conservative brunette there took pictures of the fabric without makeup, without filters, after the holidays. The day is very busy, the rest of the self is taken or the rest is revealed.

Daniela went to nature TV.

Daniela dv on Instagram one naanana photo next to another.

Since he became public, his relationship with the famous musician has turned around. Suddenly, a photo is taken, a modified photo is taken in the attic and the field.

As if the team sent out a bit of a Tn signal, which is revealed to you in every other post, and the photos in the ass are no exception to them.