Today I would like to style this coil, zan video estnctilet Vivi. Who would have expected that he would wear a koili classically as we are used to, would be wrong. Vivi wears her koili like a skirt, letting the sleeves roll around her. Other times, she wears a straight ponytail with colored eyes, complemented by an oversized hat and heavy makeup. He just always gives us a good look.

@viktorievalentina ♬ Makeba – Jain

Her TikTok is a bit slow, but watch it and love it. Or at least love to discuss it. Hey, I can’t tell you if you’re a long ass or not pe one of the commenters. I don’t understand at all if it includes going out… dovv gave Such comments are then practically under every video.

Vivi herself, whose full name is Viktoria Valentina Hankov, does not respond to comments. Both of them were just making fun of them, like you, someone once wrote that soon it will be considered labor when someone wears a garbage bag. Today we’re going to get fit with only garbage bags, ka pesn did it One bag as a skirt, one as a t-shirt, not missing a hood, sleeves and such. Everything just from garbage bags. Not gonna lie, I’m talented read the comments.

@viktorievalentina Reply @zigovasara22 ♬ Trash – PM AJ

Viktorie herself, according to her own words, is studying the art wheel, they will first change to modern designs, which is often different in their outfits. To do this, jet devotes himself to modeling for Pure Model. But TikTok won’t work for a long time. Over the last few weeks, I’ve watched it grow by the thousands, now I have no more than fifty thousand. But what about you, u see um tm two million likes. I’m not the only one in the family who is so cool, but mm fame on tiktok was born from them, pe sama o sob, maybe a little ironically.

Her profile confirms a number of rules for getting to the top: post a lot regularly, upload new videos with new outfits practically every day. And right at the beginning, it’s ok. Just when you think that the strange clothing is not enough, he puts on his head a knitted hood in ten degrees, completes it with a crazy heel and goes out. For that, he streams, it’s close to people. And the dream of TikTok, which will continue to grow, is in the world.

It also confirms that you practically don’t need Instagram for TikTok during the day. There she is easily followed by a dog of eight thousand people, it is much more moderate, but at the same time much more spontaneous and individual. What is it, for his TikTok videos now bo for you page of many Estonian users.