Trojsk zmek just for yourself, ballet dance, food chosen by yourself and hundreds of guests? Jana Bobokov (57) decided not to attend the wedding of her daughter Pavla. Veselka went to prison in a very grand style, and in the end she made a truly smiling recovery.

This wedding will be remembered for a long time. Trojsk zmek hosted the bridegroom and the bride, their families were not going to wash their pockets and pay them only the best. Satek recalled the lavish wedding of the nobility, who did not skimp on it, even on decorations, selected menus and amenities.

The dinner was held in front of the popular zmek, where the engaged couple celebrated with the applause of their family and friends.

At first it looked like a very decent event, so that nothing was damaged anywhere, it was on par. The ovens were just around them, ballet dancers were melting, delicacies were being served and the sides were being extremely dignified.

But the new man Pavla Bobokov and Martin Krtk-Katz released the party themselves, the crowd melted and sang like at a real party, where the alcohol flows and the party goes on all night.

Novomanel had a great time.

The wedding at the Troja Castle was held in a luxurious spirit.

Jana Bobokov married her daughter Pavla in style.

The owner of a luxury wedding agency, who had the entire event under her thumb, passed through the wedding ceremony.

The production of the summer is the darkest wedding. Within 24 hours, I will be working with 25 companies, a team of five coordinators and a team of seven external workers. We will install 370 idols, we have a lounge in the area, which must be completely redeveloped, we have two places for lunch at the same time. The wedding takes place in the following areas: in the gardens, Csaskm sle and conrn. There are 120 guests from all over the world at the wedding and we have been preparing the wedding for a year, Svtlana Uldrichov boasted.

Unfortunately, Jany Bobokov’s father and husband, Pavel Bobok, did not make it to this unforgettable day. He succumbed to cancer in the middle of this year.