The hidden nuance behind any stage show is lost on most concert-goers, people who attend shows look to connect with headliners or relive an experience that takes them back to that soundtrack playing in their head, or motivates them at the moment. These shows are often transformative, and much of the success of that moment is due to the hard work done by people you never see. Jackson Brown sang about it, and ask any performer, and they will tell you that their success is a ballet of coordination behind the scenes lost on the customer, supporting the performer.

Event Production Companies handle staging, rentals, staffing of live event production, and those bodies you see running around plugging things in, or hanging from some metal scaffolding and running a pre-show soundcheck is as important as the lead singer hitting a note, or the guitars playing in sync with the drummer.

These full-service event production companies focus on exceptional service and establish personal relationships with the performers that are intimate, I know to this day Eric Clapton will only let 2 people touch his guitars. Normally these smaller regional independently owned operations offer turnkey solutions for any event, any size, and include audio, lighting, video, and design, and they turn ideas into reality, lights into atmosphere and sound into an experience.

In an age of social media marketing these companies now can combine several services and are becoming more sophisticated players as they no longer need to depend on PR firms or quirky marketing people who were just wasted middlemen getting the show to the customer. These players have been around for decades building stages, breaking down after the show and staying late after we all go home – but now they have evolved into critical marketing and messaging for the performers who are looking to extend their brand beyond a single show experience.

As Jackson Brown said in his song The Load Out. he pays homage to his roadies with a classic rock and roll line, “ Make sure you got it all set to go – before you come for my piano”