A heart was successfully transplanted for the second time at the Botkin Hospital in Moscow

Doctors at the Botkin Hospital performed a second heart transplant. The operation was successful, the patient is currently feeling well and undergoing rehabilitation, the deputy mayor said Moscow on social development issues Anastasia Rakova.

“Heart transplantation is an extremely complex and extremely responsible operation, which is becoming within the capabilities of an increasing number of specialists in the capital. In May, a multidisciplinary team of doctors at the Botkin Hospital successfully performed the first heart transplant in its history, and in October – the second. The operation lasted five hours. The donor heart immediately began to function fully. The patient easily endured the early postoperative period and is now feeling well. This clinical case once again proves that the capital employs specialists of the highest level, capable of performing the most complex operations.”

Anastasia Rakova

Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development

A 53-year-old patient had been suffering from chronic heart failure for the past several years. His heart did not provide adequate blood flow to his organs and tissues. He felt short of breath even with minimal physical exertion, and everyday walking caused attacks of suffocation. The disease could not be treated, and in August 2023 the man’s condition worsened sharply: weakness, fatigue, swelling, and chest discomfort appeared. He was hospitalized in one of the capital’s hospitals, where he was diagnosed with an irreversible impairment of the functional activity of the heart. Doctors decided that the only chance was an organ transplant.

At the Botkin Hospital, he was given the necessary examination, after which he was included in the “waiting list.” A suitable donor organ was found in October, and the man was immediately operated on.

The patient endured the early postoperative period quite easily; on the third day he was already transferred from intensive care to the ward. He underwent all the necessary instrumental and morphological studies.

The team of doctors and medical staff closely monitored the patient’s condition to ensure a quick post-operative recovery. In order to minimize the risk of complications and transplant rejection, specialists from the Botkin Hospital selected immunosuppressive therapy. In the future, the man will undergo rehabilitation procedures under the supervision of cardiologists and immunologists at the Botkin Hospital.

Organ and tissue transplantation operations at the Botkin Hospital started in 2018. Currently, the clinic performs kidney, liver, cornea, bone marrow and heart transplants. To date, the hospital has already performed more than 1.5 thousand transplantations.

As noted in the Moscow Social Complex, the implementation of the transplantation program at the Botkin Hospital became possible thanks to the professionalism of medical workers and the complete re-equipment of the hospital. In recent years, over 13 thousand units of modern medical equipment have been purchased for it, including surgical and endoscopic stands, artificial blood circulation machines, surgical instruments for cardiovascular and cardiac operations.

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