A gravel road was made on Polevaya Street in Sapozhka

For the most part, a road was built along Polevaya Street in Sapozhka. The site, 500 meters long, was covered with rubble.

Repairs began on July 25.

The work was checked by the head of the district administration Alexei Kirillov and the leading specialist in the sector of land and property relations Nikolai Zharikov.

Alexey Kirillov:

“The enterprises of the Sapozhkovsky district helped us to make the road. Thanks for the help to the head of CJSC “Stroyservis” Yuri Paladiychuk, entrepreneurs Evgeny Gusev, Elena Chashkina, director of LLC “Agro-S” Nikolai Ryazanov. Part of the money was allocated from the road fund of the urban settlement – to pay for the work of road equipment.

Alexandra Biryukova:

“It’s good that they put our street in order. It has become much easier and more convenient. Everyone who lives here is very happy.”