A girl who looked into her mother’s phone found out an unexpected truth about her

User Reddit shared a story about how she looked into her mother’s phone and learned an unexpected truth about her.

The author of the post wrote that her mother has two phones, one of which she always leaves at home when she goes to work. Recently, a girl was trying to find her phone and took her mother’s gadget to call herself.

It was impossible to get through via cell phone, so the heroine of the story opened her mother’s social networks to call herself in the application. “I opened her messages to find myself, but could not find my account or the accounts of other family members,” she noted.

Then the heroine of the story looked at who her mother was communicating with and discovered a chat in which she was flirting with a man unknown to the girl. “There were chats with other people who asked her to meet,” she added. Moreover, as the narrator clarified, her mother and her stepfather have been married for seven years, they have a child together.

The girl admitted that she wanted to tell her stepfather about everything. “I couldn’t even imagine that my mother could do such a thing. But my boyfriend advises me to talk to her first,” she concluded.

In the comments under the post, users recommended the narrator not to interfere in her parents’ relationship. “You may not be aware of the details of your parents’ relationship,” one wrote. Other commentators condemned the author of the post for reading her mother’s correspondence.

Previously by another Reddit user admittedthat she looked into her husband’s phone and made an unpleasant discovery. The woman found materials confirming her husband’s double life.

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