A girl, a fan of the popular South Korean group of kpop, went viral on networks after having a date with a figure of Jin, the oldest member of the group.

In tiktok, a video became extremely popular and so far has 19.9 million views, 1.9 million likes and more than 24 thousand comments. This was shared by the user @debbie.26. and in it she is shown as a girl from the Peru had a date with a figure of Jin, member of BTS.

“when you walk down the street and this happens”, while focusing on the intersection of the avenue Larco and the street Manco Capac in the city of Lime, until suddenly the camera records something unexpected and sees this girl having her date with her favorite Idol from bangtan.

You can see a young lady sitting on a chair and next to her you can see the real-size image of the Worldwide Handsome. Apparently the ARMY girl, along with said figure, were waiting for what food to order. But what most caught the attention of users and who was recording, is how the fanatic looks at the image of the South Korean, as if she were dealing with a real figure and even speaks to him.

The clip has as its background the famous audio of SpongeBob who at the end says surprised “What is that?”.

ARMY and other users of the social network did not hesitate to comment and react to the content of that clip. Some were puzzled and embarrassed by the ARMY girl’s attitude, since it was an unreal image and could be taken into account as something sick, while other users, especially followers of BTS, they empathized with her, stating that they would too because they are also fans of the boyband and other members of the group and the world Kpop.

And you, would you dare to have a date with your idol Favourite?