A funeral rally was held in Pitelin on the Day of Memory and Sorrow

On June 22, in Pitelin, at the memorial of the fallen soldiers during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, a mourning meeting “But the Saved World Remembers” was held. Employees of local governments, employees of enterprises and organizations, members of the public, all caring guests and residents of the village came to honor the memory of the dead.

The creative team of the Pitelinsky District House of Culture performed songs and poems. A wreath-laying ceremony was held at the monument.

Head of the Pitelinsky District Administration Andrey Gavrilov:

“Twenty-seven million dead, thirteen million civilians tortured, tormented, killed by the Nazis. It is impossible not to remember them! Now certain sources claim that all this did not happen. But we must remember – they are among us, they are in our hearts. Heroes today stand to protect our Fatherland in the Donbass. Let’s be worthy of our heroes of the Great Patriotic War and those who are fighting now in Ukraine.”

Nikolai Dudkinassistant to the governor of the Ryazan region for the Pitelinsky district:

“Today we remember the most tragic page in our history and state, we remember our relatives and friends. We remember and are proud that the victory in the Great Patriotic War allowed us to live under a peaceful sky, raise children and enjoy this freedom. Today we mentally recall those distant events and think with pain about what is happening in Ukraine. Our sons and brothers are defending there what our grandfathers fought for in 1941. They protect their blood brothers there. Kudos to them for that.”

The participants of the rally joined the All-Russian action “Candle of Memory”.

Those who fell in the fight against fascism were honored with a minute of silence.

Archpriest Oleg Trofimov, Dean for the Pitelinsky District, held a prayer service for the dead.