A flight attendant stole goods from a store, bit a security guard and ended up in police custody.

A Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight attendant was caught by the police for stealing goods from a store and biting a security guard who tried to detain her. Details of the story shared MS News publication.

The incident occurred on November 6 at a shopping center in the city of Narita in Japan. 33-year-old flight attendant Bai Peixuan from Singapore stole six items, including bath towels and large bags, worth approximately 10 thousand yen (about six thousand rubles).

It is reported that the 51-year-old security guard of the shopping center tried to detain the flight attendant, but she bit the man on the hand. Police arrested Peixuan and charged her with theft and causing minor injuries to a store employee.

According to the publication, the flight attendant did not admit to the crimes committed and explained that she wanted to pay the bill later.

Formerly an airline flight attendant from Arizona. brought at Philadelphia International Airport with a loaded gun and ended up in police custody. Now she faces financial sanctions.

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