A fired man got offended and robbed his company’s office

Inhabitant India, fired from e-commerce company Flipkart, took offense and robbed his office of a large sum. About it reports India Today.

The man, Sumit, was fired in October. The disgruntled employee, along with two accomplices, Anil and Sandeep, decided to rob the company’s office in Sonipat, Haryana. On October 16, men armed with a toy gun and an ax entered the building and, threatening those present, took 2.1 million rupees (2.2 million rubles).

It is noted that Sumit committed the crime shortly before Diwali, the main Indian and Hindu holiday. The man knew that during this period the cash turnover in the company’s office was increasing.

A month after the robbery, the police managed to track down and arrest Sumit and Anil. A car, a toy gun, an ax and 630 thousand rupees (671 thousand rubles) were seized from the criminals. The police are currently looking for Sumit’s second accomplice and finding out where the remaining money that the criminals took is located.

Previously reportedthat in India, a man armed with a toy gun broke into a jewelry store and robbed it of hundreds of thousands of rupees. He took a lot of gold and silver jewelry, after which he hastily disappeared.

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