A field with wheat caught fire from a lightning strike in the Sarajevo region. Burned about 10 hectares

The fire broke out on July 28 in the afternoon. From a lightning discharge in JSC “Krivskoe A.O.” a field of wheat caught fire. The situation was complicated by a strong wind, which drove the flames with incredible speed. It quickly spread to another field owned by an individual entrepreneur.

“It is not known how all this would have ended if not for the people,” says the head of the Boretsk rural settlement Valentina Ryashentseva. – We must pay tribute to the young guy Sergei Fokin, who drove by on a tractor. He tried to shovel the wheat from the burning field with a bucket. All the others who were nearby at that time fought off the flame with improvised means, mainly branches.

Alexander Abramov, entrepreneur:

“About 10 hectares burned down. It’s good that everything turned out like this. Many thanks to everyone who helped defend the bread.”