A famous singer who burned his Russian passport wanted to return to the country

25-year-old performer Eduard Charlotte, who burned his Russian passport, announced his intention to return to the country. He announced this on his Instagram account (social network is prohibited in Russia; belongs to the company Meta, which is recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation).

At the same time, the famous singer noted that he lacks money. “I’m returning to Russia. I’m going to my home, to my native country. I will need support. Please put it on [денег]enough for a ticket,” said the artist, emphasizing that after returning he plans to live in the village.

He also noted that he wants to write a new album. “I have predetermined my life in Russian-speaking culture and will fight for it,” said Charlotte.

In June, Edward Charlotte shared footage of him burning his passport. The singer said that he no longer considers himself a citizen of Russia and is going to Kyiv. “I decided. I hope it works out. I dream of devoting myself to a good cause,” he signed the post.

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