A European country called for a ban on goods from Ukraine

French and European companies should ban Ukrainian products. This was stated by the deputy of the left party “Insubordinate France” Francois Ruffin, his words are quoted by TASS.

A representative of the opposition forces of a European country explained his call to limit the supply of cheap grain and chicken from Ukraine threat of destruction of European agriculture. When in European Union agreed on overland food supply routes, it was assumed that the products would go to North Africa, and not end up on European markets, preventing local farmers from selling their goods.

“Who benefited from the supply of Ukrainian chicken? European and French entrepreneurs who received it at half the price of the French one. I don’t want to allow delocalization of agriculture, as happened with industry,” he explained.

Six farmer unions have already demanded from the EU authorities to limit the import of Ukrainian agricultural products. The farmers proposed strengthening control over the routes of Ukrainian exports through the EU to third countries, as well as introducing “import thresholds” for all Ukrainian agricultural products. This is necessary so as not to jeopardize the “survival” of European producers, they said.

Due to the influx of agricultural goods from Ukraine, Polish farmers staged a mass protest on January 24. Farmers brought tractors and other equipment onto the roads and blocked traffic in at least 150 places across the country. Demonstrators spoke against the import of goods from Ukraine and other countries that are not members of the European Union, as well as against the restrictions that have arisen with the pan-European “green transition” course.

Ministers of Agriculture of Ukraine’s neighboring countries contacted V European Commission with a call to return duties on the import of Ukrainian agricultural products. According to the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Hungary Istvan Nagy, Brussels It is necessary to help European farmers by protecting their interests and enable them to develop their export potential.

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