The prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle they would be going through a deep marital crisis, after the publication of the memoirs «Spare«. The media warn of a possible separation that may or may not be temporary between the Dukes of Sussex.

After the January 10day on which prince harry He released his autobiographical book for public sale, which to this day has been cruelly criticized. His wife, the American actress, has separated from him without leaving a trace or information about his whereabouts.

The relationship between Dukes of Sussex Despite the controversies in the royal family, there had been no problems, even as a couple they accepted criticism and supported each other, however, now apparently the cause of the first imbalance in the couple was the book «Spare«.

According to the newspaper “Daily Mail«, the actress has shown «very cautious and keeping the margin of the situation«, being an act that could upset the duke, since he is leaving him alone in the most difficult moment of his life.

«Sources suggest that the media-savvy Meghan was a bit more circumspect about the concept of a memoir and may have expressed mild concern about whether it was the right move.“Said the source, explaining that the prince’s wife has decided to avoid problems, and has made a decision for her own good and for her children.