A criminologist spoke about the arrest of killer Sasha Soldat in 1999

Former operational officer of the regional department for combating organized crime (RUBOP) for Moscow Mikhail Ignatov told “Izvestia” about the arrest of a killer Sasha Soldier in 1999.

According to Ignatov, the operatives managed to identify the rental housing where the killer was hiding. Realizing that he was surrounded by law enforcement officers and not bandits, Sasha Soldat himself left the apartment.

Ignatov also suggested that Alexander Pustovalov he himself disseminated information about where he was so that he would be detained. According to a former operative, Sasha Soldat could believe that he was safer in a pre-trial detention center than in freedom.

Earlier on November 18, it became known that Pustovalov came out from a colony in the Tver region after 24 years of imprisonment. He is considered one of the most famous killers of the 1990s, with about 30 murders to his name.

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