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A concert in honor of the 50th anniversary of Yuri Shatunov was canceled in Kazan

A concert was supposed to take place on the Kremlin embankment in Kazan on September 17 in honor of the 50th anniversary of singer Yuri Shatunov. Still, the event was canceled due to technical reasons. Show participant Albina Karmysheva announced this on her VKontakte page.

“Friends, unfortunately, the concert [in honor of] Yura Shatunov was canceled due to technical reasons. If I can do it in the cultural center, I will notify you,” Karmysheva wrote.

A few days ago, concert venues in Sochi and Krasnodar canceled concerts by Igor Nikolaev, scheduled for September 20 and 21. They decided to cancel the events due to a sudden deterioration in health. On September 15, Telegram channel 112 reported that Nikolaev was urgently hospitalized. Nikolaev was later transferred to intensive care. Using electrocardiography (ECG), the artist was found to have traces of a massive heart attack.

The concert of Sergei Shnurov and the Leningrad group, which was supposed to take place at Moscow’s Luzhniki on September 16, was also canceled. Shnurov emphasized that if the refund does not occur within a “reasonable time”, to protect Leningrad’s business reputation and reputation, he will go to court demanding the return of the entire remuneration for the failed concert.

Previously, Victoria Bonya made eight new punctures after recent facial plastic surgery.

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