A charity concert in support of Russian servicemen was held in Ryazhsk

On May 5, a charity concert-action in support of military personnel “Open Curtain” was held in the Ryazhsky District House of Culture.

There were practically no empty seats left in the auditorium. But even those Ryazhe residents who for some reason could not come to the concert still came and bought tickets.

Collectives and soloists of the regional and rural houses of culture, children’s music school, the choir of the Sunday School of the village of Novoye Egoldaevo, as well as amateur performers took part in the charity concert.

Andrey Nasonov, head of the administration of the Ryazhsky district:

“What we are doing today is a big deal. If we recall the history: our fellow countrymen ancestors also participated in such actions, helped the front. The air squadron “Ryazan Worker”, the tank column “Ryazan Collective Farmer”, the armored train “Ryazan Railwayman”, the aircraft “Ryazan Pioneer” and “Ryazan Lumberjack” were built at the expense of the working people of the region, including our region. Everything that we collect today will go to the aid of the servicemen of the Ryazan 137th Guards Airborne Regiment.”