During the retreat from Kherson, the Russians stole a raccoon from the local zoo. Now the animal is in the occupied Crimea.

Such an exchange is quite equivalent in terms of combat potential, the Kherson official joked / Screenshot

A Russian soldier who was taken prisoner by the Ukrainian military asks to be exchanged for the one stolen by the occupiers from the Kherson Zoo raccoon, informed in social networks, the first deputy chairman of the Kherson Regional Council Yuri Sobolevsky.

“I, Mokashov Oleg Anatolyevich, private, born 75, from the city of Novosibirsk, I ask the Russian government to change me for a Kherson raccoon,” the Russian said to the camera.

Sobolevsky noted that such an exchange is quite equivalent in terms of combat potential. “We’re even in the black,” the official joked.

Theft of the Kherson raccoon: the story of another crime of the Russians

In November, during the retreat from Kherson, Russian The invaders stole a raccoon from the local zoo. As it turned out later, not only the raccoon, but also other animals were illegally taken to the occupied Crimea.

Ukrainian animal rights activists clarifiedthat the theft of animals was not a personal initiative of enemy soldiers, but, most likely, an order of the Russian command.

Stealing animals from the Kherson Zoo admitted the Crimean businessman. director of the Taigan lion park and the Skazka zoo Oleg Zubkov. Like, he is ready to return the animals as soon as the “authorities of Kherson” restore the local zoo.

Ecocide in Ukraine

According to animal rights activists, during the nine months of the war, Russian aggressors polluted 182,880 square meters Ukrainian soil. The Russians occupied 8 Ukrainian reserves and 12 national natural parks. As a result of hostilities, 20% of Ukraine’s protected areas have been affected.

At the Chernobyl nuclear power plant the occupiers caused damage of at least 2.5 billion hryvnias. The level of nuclear threat at the Zaporozhye NPP remains high. Russian occupiers regularly bombard the station, place heavy weapons on its territory and do not allow Ukrainian specialists and representatives of the IAEA to repair work. The exclusion zone around the ZNPP as a result of a potential nuclear explosion can be up to 30,000 square kilometers.

1000 square kilometers of the Black Sea surface are polluted with oil emissions from Russian military aircraft and ships. Due to water pollution At least 50,000 Black Sea dolphins diedand – both on the coast of the Odessa region, and in the waters of Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

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