South Korean singer suga of the popular group btshas become one of the members of the group most acclaimed by all its fans, since with all its talent on stage it captivates and attracts all its followers who enjoy each of its incredible shows.

The talented singer also known August Dis currently in USA promoting his new solo album called “D-Day” which is being a success in the American country, likewise, the rapper is doing campaigns and attending events as a way of thanking all his fans, showing how humble Suga can be with all his fans around the world.

Last May 20th The ARMYs were fortunate to be able to share a unique experience with the rapper, since they were chatting with him through a fan meeting called “D-Day: Movie night”.

In this memorable experience, fans jumped at the chance to ask Suga about his friendship tattoo.”7”, due to the fact that he is the only BTS member who jokes about the whereabouts of his tattoo. While many fans pressed by yelling the word at him “tattoo“For him to finally reveal his whereabouts, an ARMY yelled at him”I’ll sue you for stealing my heart” which caused grace among all the fans for this sudden comment.

In the same way, it is not the first time that Suga has received a lawsuit threat of this style, because in past years many fans have attacked the rapper with the same thing, either because of his beauty, talent, or the beauty that radiates in each of his concerts.