The singer presented a romantic video for the new summer single “JUNE SONG”

“In the summer, I feel filled with inspiration and romance. I want to record a lot of songs and meet sunrises. Tracks in English intonation, in my opinion, suit me better. As if the sounds become more voluminous, and the vocal features, such as the same natural hoarseness, are revealed even more … ”, – Lucy says.

The text of the song in English was written by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, who had previously collaborated with Russian pop stars. But this time the diplomat and Lucy Chebotina have formed a unique creative tandem. Maria Zakharova also contributed to the idea of ​​filming the June Song.

“As for the video, this is a very non-standard, touching story. When Maria voiced her idea for the video, we all unanimously supported her “- talks about the latest release by Lucy Chebotina.

At the center of the story is a couple who only have a few hours alone with each other. For these lovers there is no one around, and the city lives in their own rhythm. True, at some point the plot takes a sharp turn – and reality becomes obvious …

Watch how this unusual story ends and listen to the track “JUNE SONG” on all streaming platforms. In the summer, a broken heart is healed on the dance floor!