Bacteriological laboratory opened in Sarajevo Interdistrict Hospital

A new bacteriological laboratory was opened in the Sarajevo MB. The head of the laboratory told Valentina Karokhina:

“We placed this laboratory on the basis of the sterilization department, which we dismantled at one time. Now they have made a major overhaul, brought in new equipment necessary for research on purulent-septic, infectious and other inflammatory diseases. Here we will be able to establish the cause of the disease, followed by the determination of the sensitivity of isolated pathogens to antimicrobials.”

The laboratory will serve residents of Sarajevo and Ukholovsk hospitals. Despite the fact that it has been working for only 2 days, the first patients have already appeared.

Elena Ivanova:

“I am very pleased that now there will be no need to go to the Ryazhsk hospital, all tests can be taken here. After all, not all residents have their own transport to get there. So this is saving not only our money, but also time.”

It should be noted that qualified specialists work here. They were trained specifically to work in the bacteriological laboratory.