A 75-year-old widow took up explicit pole dancing and began performing in shows

Resident USA, suffering from health problems, took up pole dancing and improved her physical and moral condition. About it reports The Sun.

Starr Staffer Wise, 75, a widow from Colorado Springs, Colorado, discovered pole dancing in February 2021. She accidentally came across an article about a 64-year-old dancer and remembered that she had always dreamed of connecting her life with the pole. At that time, the American woman, who previously had an alcohol addiction, suffered from many diseases. She had rheumatoid arthritis in her hand joints and osteoporosis, and her right arm was deformed due to arthritis. Wise was worried that she would not be able to dance due to her age and health reasons. She consulted with the dance studio staff and, to her joy, received an invitation to classes.

According to the American, thanks to pole dancing she was able to improve her health and cope with anxiety. In addition, over several years of training, Wise’s body and bones became strong and her muscles became sculpted, which was not the case even at a young age. Later, the woman began performing explicit dances at various shows, and also started a page on a social network, where she now regularly shares her successes with 29 thousand subscribers.

Wise admitted that she often faces criticism online. Users criticize the revealing outfits in which the elderly woman dances. The American, in turn, ignores ill-wishers and deletes condemning comments. However, not only network users, but also close people were skeptical about Wise’s hobby. The woman said that because of the explicit dancing, some relatives and friends distanced themselves from her. Despite this, according to Wise, most of her relatives and friends support her and rejoice at her achievements. “Over the past two and a half years, I have had an amazing experience. I met wonderful people and made new friends. I am known all over the world. What a dream! What a life!” – she says.

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