70 Russians were rescued from the shelling and taken out of Gaza. Among them are children and a pregnant woman

70 Russians were evacuated from the combat zone in the Gaza Strip, including a pregnant woman and 27 children. The youngest of them is three months old. How reported V Ministry of Health of Russiaall Russians feel satisfactory.

Specialists from the Federal Center for Disaster Medicine of the Russian Ministry of Health examined 70 Russian citizens evacuated from Gaza, including one pregnant woman in late pregnancy, 27 children, five of whom were under three years of age

Ministry of Health of Russia

Russians who were blocked in the combat zone crossed The Rafah checkpoint between the Gaza Strip and Egypt on Sunday, November 12th. The coordination of the order and evacuation routes took a week, and Russian diplomats took part in this. Due to the lack of gasoline, some Russians had to get to the checkpoint on donkey carts.

All Russians who were rescued from the shelling and taken out of Gasesallowed to fly from Cairo V Moscow, reported the Ministry of Health. They emphasized that doctors would accompany the evacuees during the flight. An Il-76 plane was prepared for the flight. Russian Emergency Situations Ministryhis departure planned at 14:00 Moscow time on Monday, November 13.

Frame: RF Ministry of Emergency Situations / RIA Novosti

Russians evacuated from Gaza called the situation in the Palestinian enclave hell

“[Были] thoughts about where to wash, where to get water, where to find bread, where to get something to eat, where you will sleep, and God forbid that they don’t get bombed. These are the only thoughts,” told one of the evacuated Russians, Tatyana Katba, emphasized that there is practically no food in Gaza and the enclave comes under heavy shelling.

Another Russian added that all evacuees are now feeling better, since they managed to “get out of this hell.” Waiting for the evacuation, he said, was difficult. A man named Aoun thanked the president Vladimir Putinambassador Russia in Egypt Georgy Borisenko and advisor to the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Daniil Martynov for assistance in organizing departure from the combat zone.

In the near future, a new group of Russian citizens evacuate from Gaza – the corresponding list has already been approved. As advisor to the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Daniil Martynov clarified, the group will consist of approximately 90-100 people

More than a thousand Russians expect to be evacuated from Gaza

After the militants Hamas attacked border areas Israel On October 7, many Russians were trapped in the Palestinian enclave. According to the press secretary of the Russian mission to the Palestinian National Authority, Aliya Zaripova, expect evacuation of more than 500 Russian citizens from Gaza. By data official representative Russian Foreign Ministry Maria ZakharovaIn total, more than a thousand people signed up for evacuation lists.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in turn, reported that the department transmitted information about the Russians who requested evacuation from the Gaza Strip to the authorities of Israel, Egypt and Palestine and continues to work to remove Russian citizens from the conflict zone.

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